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This subsection of the Need to Know newsletter offers a different take on the top story of the day.

‘The media didn’t want to believe Trump could win. So they looked the other way.’

You might have heard: Donald Trump is elected 45th president of the United States (NPR), despite polls and predictive models that indicated a win for Clinton (Politico) But did you know: “To put it bluntly, the media missed the story,” Margaret Sullivan writes. “In the end, a huge number of American voters wanted something different. And although these […]

96 percent of money journalists contributed to the presidential campaigns went to Clinton

You might have heard: Many news organizations, including The New York Times,Associated Press and NPR, forbid their journalists from contributing to political campaigns But did you know: Through August, about 480 journalists have contributed almost $400,000 to the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Center for Public Integrity found. And among the […]

Newspaper ownership by large investment groups is creating even more media deserts and raising questions about the future of local news

You might have heard: Despite many new local news sites, “media deserts” created by the closure of local newspapers are still a stubborn reality But did you know: According to a new report from the UNC School of Media and Journalism’s Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media, newspaper ownership by large investment groups […]

NYT’s response to Trump’s lawyers: ‘Nothing in our article has had the slightest effect on the reputation that Mr. Trump … has already created for himself’

You might have heard: Sources in the Trump campaign claim they’re going to sue NYT for libel over its story in which two women claim that Trump “touched them inappropriately” But did you know: Trump’s lawyers called on The New York Times to retract its story, saying the article was “reckless, defamatory and constitutes libel […]

Facebook’s policies force publishers to tag underwritten content as if it were produced with a ‘sponsor,’ even if that’s not true

You might have heard: Sponsored content is generally understood to be content that takes the same form and qualities of a publisher’s original content and usually serves useful or entertaining information as a way of favorably influencing the perception of the sponsor brand But did you know: “Facebook’s [sponsored content] policy may be adequate when […]

Stories get held at all news organizations, but ‘NBC doesn’t look good here’

You might have heard: NBC News held on to the story of Donald Trump having an “extremely lewd conversation about women” with Billy Bush in 2005 for four days because of lawsuit fears, and ultimately got scooped by The Washington Post But did you know: It’s not uncommon for stories to get held at news […]

The number of journalists at digital outlets tripled in the past decade, but now it’s starting to plateau

You might have heard: The American Society of News Editors says it will no longer estimate the number of journalists working in newsrooms (ASNE) But did you know: Analyzing the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics, Alex T. Williams finds that while the number of journalists at digital-native publishers has tripled in the past decade, […]

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