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Fact-checking and accountability journalism project (Page 9)

The American Press Institute is leading a project to increase and improve the practice of fact-checking and accountability journalism.

FCP_blackThe grant-funded project supports research to improve political fact-checking, and works with news organizations to significantly increase and improve accountability journalism practices as well as contribute to public debates on the topic.

You can follow the work of the project here, including our Fact-Checking Resource Page. Sign up for the weekly newsletter or enroll in our free online course. For more information or to be involved, contact Jane Elizabeth, senior manager for the program, at

The debate about the debate: Should moderators be fact-checkers?

Who wants to be a debate moderator? via GIPHY No doubt fewer people would volunteer for that role this week after witnessing the avalanche of criticism and unsolicited advice following the acknowledged poor performance by moderator Matt Lauer at a Clinton-Trump matchup. And it’s all about the fact-checking (aka “truth-squadding“) or lack thereof. The anti-faxxers vs. the fact-checking fans. To be […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Lessons from failure

It’s easy to get excited about the future of automated fact-checking, but with the field still in its early days several projects are neither practically nor commercially viable. Two much-hyped projects of recent years, “Truth Goggles” and the Washington Post’s “Truth Teller” both failed to meet expectations. Yet they provide valuable lessons. Quote of the […]

Going to ONA? Come visit API’s booth in the Midway!

If you’re heading to the Online News Association annual conference Sept. 15-17 in Denver, stop by the American Press Institute’s booth in the conference midway at the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center. From 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 15,  we’ll be giving away free flash drives pre-loaded with plenty of teaching resources […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Does Facebook need fact-checkers?

Media criticism of Facebook is pouring in after a lack of editorial oversight on Monday led to a fake story being featured in the trending topics list. Facebook had gotten rid of editors for that section, but should it hire fact-checkers instead? And if so, what would they do? Here are three proposals. Quote of the […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Do you hear an echo?

Media watchers have long theorized that partisan “echo chambers” are damaging to the public’s understanding of facts. They may be onto something — the more partisan your media, the more likely you are to believe wrong information, according to a new study. Read about it on Poynter. Quote of the week “We don’t pretend to be, nor do […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Would you like facts with that news?

Political reporters are showing that — at least in the context of the 2016 U.S. presidential election — fact-checking isn’t just for fact-checkers. But more remains to be done. “Noting the accuracy of a political claim should be as standard as including someone’s hometown or party affiliation,” Bill Adair says in a column for Poynter. […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Olympics and the truth

OK, fact-checking is not an Olympic sport (yet). But the games do inspire their fair share of bombastic claims and fakery — and fact-checkers are close behind. From the science of “cupping” to the speed of Usain Bolt and the more ponderous issue of the economic impact of the Games, check out this fact-checked overview […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: 100 days and who’s counting

On Saturday, the U.S. presidential race reached the 100-days-until-Election-Day mark, which traditionally is a popular time to look forward (or backward) in American politics. What do political writers predict? “It’s going to be the nastiest 99 days you have ever seen in a political campaign,” wrote The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza on Sunday. Fact-checkers are chasing down […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Convention chaos

Political conventions typically are full of statements that send hoards of people rushing to Google. Did slaves really build the White House? And were they Irish? Is there actually a law that says funerals must be held for aborted fetuses? Did Donald Trump really  “cash in” on the 9-11 attacks? And does he love dictators? Fact-checkers will […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Is this really the end of truth?

If you’re following media coverage of the U.S. presidential campaign or the Brexit referendum, you can’t have missed headlines announcing the end of truth. Apparently 2016 is the year when facts, unloved and marginalized, have finally been banished from the political sphere. Is the media overreacting? Read more on Poynter. Quote of the week “As journalists […]

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