The American Press Institute helps news organizations transform for an audience-centric future, and election coverage plays an important role in this shift. We organize and support many initiatives working toward this goal:

  • Trusted Elections Network: API is coordinating a real-time network that connects newsroom leaders to each other and to experts to address misinformation and other threats to secure, trusted elections.
  • Trusting News: A joint project of the Reynolds Journalism Institute and API, Trusting News works to help newsrooms demonstrate credibility and earn trust through research and training. Trusting News is a partner in the Trusted Elections Network and ElectionSOS programs.
  • ElectionSOS: API is the fiscal sponsor of Hearken’s election training and cohort program to help newsrooms learn and implement strategies to design election coverage built on engagement, trust-building and reporting on election integrity in a time of uncertainty.
  • Factually: Building on our history in fact-checking innovation and accountability journalism, API co-produces Factually, a weekly email newsletter and resource for fact-checkers and journalists combating misinformation.
  • Metrics for News: API’s analytics dashboards and consulting program helps newsrooms make data-informed decisions about coverage by showing them  who their journalism is reaching and why. This includes election coverage.

Are you fighting misinformation? Tell your audience

This post is part of API’s 2020 election network, a project to help local news leaders and experts address misinformation and election integrity issues in the lead up to November. On Thursday, March 26 at 1 p.m. ET, Joy — director of Trusting News — will be answering your questions about building trust. Sign up […]

Election 2020: The role of local news in honest elections

Voters get information about candidates, issues and the mechanics of their elections from an increasingly vast media ecosystem that includes conventional media, partisan media, social media and even outright “fake news” sites. As contradictory messages proliferate, it can be hard for people to know what, exactly, is true. What should legitimate news outlets do in […]

API election network for local news leaders gains two community managers

The American Press Institute today announced the addition of two community managers, Andrew Rockway and John Hernandez, to its project to connect local newsroom leaders and experts ahead of the 2020 elections. Together, they will help newsroom leaders share with and learn from one another and experts about effective and efficient ways to combat false […]