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Sue Schardt

Sue Schardt is the CEO of AIR, a nonprofit network of independent multimedia journalists. In March 2017, she was the co-author of "Break Form: Making stories with and for the people," a report on the impact and lessons from Localore: Finding America.

Contributors and acknowledgements for ‘Break Form: Making stories with and for the people’

“Break Form: Making stories with and for the people” was written and prepared by lead researcher Mallary Tenore, Localore Executive Producer Sue Schardt, editors Jessica Clark, Betsy O’Donovan, Stevie Beck, data analyst Scott Williams, Tom Webster and Melissa Kiesche at Edison Research, and with Finding America’s lead producers and station collaborators: Eve Abrams, Audrey Atkins, […]

Quantifying the reach and impact of ‘Localore’ (2014) and ‘Localore: Finding America’ (2017) productions

Here we assess the reach and impact of two national Localore productions in 2014 and Finding America in 2017 across three platforms of engagement with which each production team experimented — broadcast, digital/social, and live events. These represent both local and national reach, as well as activity on the Finding America metasite where AIR’s documentaries […]

Break Form: Making stories with and for the people

Introduction and Actions: Localore: Finding America Editor’s Note: This report captures the impact and lessons from Localore: Finding America — an independent public media initiative comprising 15 teams embedded for nine months at forward-moving public radio and television stations across the U.S. to invent new storytelling models with citizens. The report was produced by the […]

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