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Kevin Loker (Page 6)

Director of Program Operations and Partnerships

Kevin Loker serves as director of program operations and partnerships at the American Press Institute, where he works on audience research and reports on strategy within the industry. Formerly at the Online News Association, Kevin also works on collaborations of the American Press Institute with other organizations, consultants and fellows. Events including API Thought Leader Summits are also part of his program areas at API.

Email Kevin at or follow him @kevinloker.

Leverage existing news audiences for events and grow new ones

An events strategy needs to start by asking “For whom?” Gathering as much information as a local news publisher can about its events’ potential audiences helps to create the best format, timing and location for individual events. Deep knowledge of an audience is also essential for wooing sponsors, advertisers and partners. A couple different sources […]

Identify and hold off other event-marketing competitors

Publishers who don’t produce their own events risk allowing competitors to enter the market and capture that revenue. The competition is other events and other activities Unlike a publishers’ news business, the competition for events in most cases is not coming from another news organization. It’s other events, and scarcity of time. Think about it […]

How to take a creative approach to events revenue for publishers

Expos and more traditional journalistic events such as debates and conferences around news topics can earn revenue, but they aren’t the only ways to come up with significant events earnings. Below are a few more unusual ideas news publishers have found effective. Create “something out of nothing” In any business it is good to get […]

Weigh different pricing strategies for events

The significant revenue is in event sponsorships. A publisher could have a great event idea, but the math still needs to work. Using a spreadsheet to weigh possible revenue versus expenses is crucial to event success. There are a number of things to consider. Strategize between offering standard sponsor packages or “listening first” Making the […]

Go all-in on event promotions

Event promotion, internally and externally, is vital to event success and growth as a significant source of revenue. Ultimately, for most events to work, we heard consistently that publishers need to do two things 1) get as many people to know about the event as possible, and 2) get full newsroom support. Organizational structure and […]

Strategy worksheet: Make your events plan

We developed a worksheet with a series of planning questions to get you started with conceiving and creating events that are right for your audience. Consider sitting down with a few creative collaborators from across your organization to tackle these questions together. Download the strategy worksheet here.

Appendix: Organizations in this report

This report shares lessons and information from the following news organizations producing events: The Texas Tribune The St. Louis Beacon MinnPost The Chattanooga Times Free Press NJ Spotlight The New York Times Oakland Local The Bakersfield Californian The New Yorker Arkansas Democrat-Gazette The Buffalo News The Des Moines Register The Detroit Free Press The Boston […]

Appendix: More resources on journalism events

We recommend: The eight categories of journalism events, a blog post by Josh Stearns, director of journalism and sustainability at the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. The groupings are a helpful for looking at what is possible. You might also enjoy his 17 lessons for local news events, a quick list of tips helpful for new […]

How to find out if a photo your friend posted online is fake

Just because a picture speaks a thousand words doesn’t mean it has to be true. Watch out for abuses of this photo of Mark Zuckerberg holding up a paper sign, for instance. Many are fakes. In the video below, Mary Owen, former reporter at the Chicago Tribune and Detroit Free Press and Chicago program manager […]

API supports effort to develop stronger news audience metrics

The American Press Institute is supporting a meeting of news industry leaders and academics working to develop useful metrics for news publishers. A 25-person working group drawn from around the country will meet Thursday in Chicago to review industry needs and begin to identify research and partnerships that will help news organizations better understand their […]

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