Kathryn Kross

Kathryn Kross is an API contributing writer. She is founder of Kross Media Group and was formerly a Washington bureau chief for Bloomberg TV and CNN and a senior producer at ABC News.

How to produce value and revenue with digital video

Digital video has become a market imperative — something every publisher must understand and do well, regardless of one’s history. Consider three statistics: More than 62 billion videos were viewed online in December 2014, according to data measurement company comScore. Digital video advertising continues to skyrocket, up 56% in 2014 to reach $5.96 billion, according […]

Understanding the digital video economy

The internet has blurred distinctions between print and video-based organizations and undermined the geographical divides that once structured the print news landscape. It has created the conditions that allow a startup like BuzzFeed to amass a digital audience rivaling a legacy operation like The New York Times. Along the way it has disrupted the traditional […]

Knowing, growing and measuring audience for digital video

We have never had more information about audience behavior than we do today. In the past a newspaper measured its success in part by circulation numbers and daily sales. The publisher didn’t know which part of the paper was read or whether the paper was read at all. Standard TV ratings are similarly crude. Sara […]

Good video content: What’s working for news publishers, what isn’t

Media scholars note that new media imitates its predecessor before evolving into its own distinct form. Early newsreels imitated movies. The first television news shows drew heavily on radio. It’s no surprise that early attempts at digital video mimicked television. Watching online video however is a different experience than television viewing. For one, watching digital […]

Building a news organization’s capacity for video

Despite the differences among the many organizations producing digital video, a consensus appears to be forming around three organizational best practices. They include: Create clarity around the role of video Develop a flexible work force that understands video Identify a distribution strategy that includes social, mobile and partnerships Create clarity around the role of video […]

Digital video strategy checklist for publishers

Drawing from the best practices detailed in this Strategy Study, here is a checklist of factors to help you tell if your news organization is taking all the right steps with digital video. How many of these 17 best practices can you check off for your organization? Leveraging partnerships and sales Have you increased your […]