Emily Case

Emily is the American Press Institute’s 2017 summer fellow. She’s working on a project to help newsrooms connect with refugee populations.

Emily is a graduate student at the UNL College of Journalism and Mass Communications studying professional journalism. Originally from Gibbon, Nebraska, she graduated from Hastings College in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in visual media.

How to manage dissenting rhetoric

Refugee and immigrant-related issues tend to be politically charged, and some audience members are very adamant about sharing their oppositional views. Keeping these voices — which some reporters called a vocal minority — in check while trying not to inflame further discord can be a challenge. Some journalists in this study respond to negative comments […]

Sharing compelling refugee community stories

One of the main goals of this project is to help reporters tell multifaceted and moving stories about refugees, so storytelling is at the heart of this goal. To write these kinds of complex stories, the author must have an in-depth understanding of both the issues and the people involved. Writing refugee stories Many journalists […]

Building relationships with refugee communities

Local refugee communities may not be widely visible to the larger population in some areas, but there are a number of ways to effectively establish connections among these groups in your community. Local organizations Contacting local organizations designated to assist refugees is a good first step, especially for those who are unfamiliar with their area’s […]

Determining newsroom coverage style and practices

Deciding how to cover refugee issues will be different for every organization. Newsrooms vary widely in size, structure and audiences, and the journalists interviewed for this study reflected this. They represent newsrooms of different sizes from Seattle to Lewiston, Maine. Beat structure Yet the approaches we find in this study fall into three basic categories. […]

How to cover local refugee communities: Strategies for newsrooms and reporters

The word “refugee” evokes a certain image: people fleeing persecution or war-torn areas, living under harsh refugee camp conditions, starting a new life in a foreign country. In reality, there are many different pictures. The refugees who resettled in America in 2016 alone represent 107 countries and varied educational, economic, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Each […]

How everyday things like cooking can be a powerful storytelling tool: 6 Good Questions with NPR Hot Pot producers Rhitu Chatterjee and Ben de la Cruz

Spend some time on social media, and you’re sure to see food videos — maybe featuring a restaurant’s unique dish or showing the process of decorating a dessert. NPR is keying into audiences’ appetites for this trend in their recent project NPR Hot Pot. NPR blogs The Salt and Goats and Soda teamed up to […]

Covering news issues with comics: 7 good questions with Jake Halpern

Experimenting with visual storytelling formats can allow a newsroom to rise above the clutter by taking a fresh angle to news topics. Last January, The New York Times did that by launching Welcome to the New World, a fully reported graphic narrative. It is the first series of its kind, according to editor Bruce Headlam. […]

Welcome API’s summer fellow Emily Case: Helping local newsrooms cover refugee populations

You may have seen the numbers by now: there are currently 21.3 million refugees worldwide. Those who come to America have complex stories and belong to communities that are shaping the country’s future. But if you’re a reporter or editor, how do you tell those stories? Some media professionals may be at a loss when […]