David Plazas

David is director of opinion and engagement at The Tennessean in Nashville. For a January 2018 essay, he reflected on his work hosting in-person listening events with specific communities the news organization wanted to more deeply engage. Follow him on Twitter @davidplazas.

How The Tennessean’s opinion section is working to combat polarization

For years, columnists and analysts have observed and lamented the growing polarity in American politics. Too often, they act like bystanders, pointing out problems but rarely offering more than platitudes in response to societal woes. We have talked about echo chambers, red and blue voters, and the effects of social media in exacerbating that divide. […]

How The Tennessean hosts meetings with alienated audiences to listen and understand

Editor’s note: This is part of a collection of essays on how to reach new audiences by listening. We asked four journalists from across the country to explain approaches they’ve used to build trust with specific communities, particularly those who may be alienated or disengaged. Writing from Tennessee, David Plazas describes how The Tennessean’s diversity […]