Craig Silverman

Study background and sources cited

People interviewed for this study either by phone or email: Matt DeRienzo, Digital First Media Kathy English, Toronto Star Angie Holan, PolitiFact Mathew Ingram, Gigaom Joy Mayer, The Columbia Missourian Martin Moore, Media Standards Trust Kara Swisher, Re/Code Maggie Walter, The Columbia Missourian Rob Wijnberg, De Correspondent Amanda Zamora, ProPublica Reporting Errors If you see […]

The best ways for publishers to build credibility through transparency

As so much in the world of news and information changes, the fundamental bond of trust between journalists and the communities they serve is one of the few things that doesn’t. In fact, its importance has grown. One of the most important ways journalists and news organizations earn the trust of the public trust is […]

Show the reporting and sources that support your work

One important way to build trust in reporting is to show the audience the sources it relies upon. There are several ways to do this. I. Share source material Digital platforms don’t suffer the same time and space constraints as print, television and radio. This freedom offers new opportunities to incorporate and disclose source material, […]

How to drive innovation inside large news organizations

When Quartz, the fast growing global business website from Atlantic Media, announced that it had created a chart building tool to enable reporters to quickly generate visually appealing charts, some of the writers and editors at its sister publications were a bit jealous. Kimberly Lau, the vice president and general manager of The Atlantic Digital, […]

Share your best practices for transparency and credibility in journalism

The level of scrutiny of journalism from the public and outside entities is greater than ever before, and this requires news organizations to think of new ways to build trust, make their work stand out, and open the door to greater interaction with the audience. New digital platforms offer a wealth of options to¬†ensure transparency […]