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Guidance on philanthropic funding of media and news

In October 2016, API gathered 18 funders, nonprofit media executives and scholars to have a discussion about the ethics of funding nonprofit news. Here are the ideas that surfaced from the process, intended to be a guide to both help funders and grantees arrive a clear understanding of their respective roles.

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In-Depth Research

Distributed content: The best ways to build sustainable platform strategies

Social platforms have forever altered the way consumers consume content online, but it can be hard to find footing in this new era. After a recent summit on the rise of distributed content, we’ve developed a list of strategic tactics publishers of any size can benefit from employing.

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Research Review

When journalists get their info from social media, audiences find the reports less credible

From Facebook to Twitter to Google, journalists have many new ways to track down information to inform their reporting. But what do audiences think about these techniques? New research shows that readers tend to think that social media reporting isn't as credible as more traditional reporting methods.

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Metrics for News

This API program helps publishers build an empirical, data-informed news strategy through custom-built content analysis software, new journalism metrics and innovative audience surveys.

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Good Questions Q & A’s

Measuring investigative journalism’s impact on society: 8 good questions with James T. Hamilton

Investigative journalism often comes at a high cost to news organizations, but James T. Hamilton finds through his research that investigative journalism's benefits on society are often even greater. We talked to Hamilton about how he calculated real-world impact of investigative journalism and what news organizations can do to fund this important work and measure their impact.