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How Millennials Get News: Paying for content

A new report on Millennials' news habits shows the vast majority of the Millennial generation, those Americans age 18 to 34, regularly use paid content for entertainment or news, and their willingness to pay for news is correlated with his or her broader beliefs about the value of news.

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Breaking Down the Millennial Generation: A typology of young news consumers

A new study identifies clear differences from previous generations in how Millennials consume news and information, and breaks the generation down into four distinct groups based on their news and Internet habits.

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Fact-checking research

‘Fact Check This’: How U.S. politics adapts to media scrutiny

Media fact-checking has become a fact of life for political professionals, and a new report looks at the ways the people who make those statements are adapting to the increased scrutiny.

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Metrics for News

This API program helps publishers build an empirical, data-informed news strategy through custom-built content analysis software, new journalism metrics and innovative audience surveys.

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Global Guides: 10 Good Questions with WorldFixer’s Mike Garrod

Pursuing a story in a foreign area can be complicated and dangerous. Enter “fixers,” local people who for years have been helping journalists and other visitors make arrangements during foreign assignments. We talked to WorldFixer's Mike Garrod about the journalist-fixer relationship and best practices for working with fixers.