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A culture-based strategy for creating innovation in news organizations

Innovation is a product of culture, and an organization’s culture is a product of its leadership, its structure, and its internal processes. Relatively small changes to an organization’s processes and structure can have magnified effects on its culture.

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Politicians use work of fact-checking journalists as both validation, weapon

As the number of fact-checking stories has increased in the U.S., politicians’ most common tactic is to anticipate the fact-checks when crafting their messages, while also using fact-checks as ammunition for attacks.

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Metrics for News

This API program helps publishers build an empirical, data-informed news strategy through custom-built content analysis software, new journalism metrics and innovative audience surveys.

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Good Questions Q & A’s

Changing online communities: 10 good questions with The Coral Project’s Greg Barber

The Coral Project aims to change how publishers, contributors and readers think about interacting in online communities. The project is a collaborative, open-source effort led by The Washington Post, The New York Times and Mozilla. We talked with Washington Post lead Greg Barber about the latest developments on the project.