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How Millennials get their news

A new comprehensive study shows this newest generation of American adults is anything but “newsless,” passive, or civically uninterested.

The study — a product of our Media Insight Project partnership — looks closely at how young people learn about the world on these different devices and platforms, and the findings contradict some of the conventional wisdom.

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New fact-checking research

Political fact-checking is growing and influential, but less popular among GOP readers

The amount of fact-checking journalism produced in the United States is increasing dramatically, and while there are limits to its persuasiveness, it is a measurably effective tool for correcting political misinformation among voters.

Research Review

The business value of copy editing

Audiences can tell when an article isn’t carefully edited, and it affects their perceptions about the news and their willingness to pay for it.

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Metrics for News

This API program helps publishers build an empirical, data-informed news strategy through custom-built content analysis software, new journalism metrics and innovative audience surveys.

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Good Questions Q & A’s

How to keep readers coming back for more: 10 good questions with Nir Eyal, author of Hooked

Much of a news organization’s desire to grow audiences, and particularly subscribers, depends upon getting people to come back, over and over. But what is it that makes products habit-forming? We spoke to Eyal about how publishers can apply cycles of actions and rewards to news products.